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These are calculators to help you with your journey.


40-30-30 Eating Plan Calculator
This calculator is geared towards a high protein diet, which may not be appropriate for those with liver or kidney problems. Check with your physician before starting this eating plan. . . . keep reading
60-20-20 Calculator
This calculator gives grams/calories to achieve an eating plan recommended by the American Diabetes Association. Check with your physician before starting this eating plan. . . . keep reading
Activity Calorie Burn Calculator
This activity calculator will give you your calorie burn by inputting your weight and how many minutes you worked out. All the activities from A to Z will fill in with your calorie burn. In short, it will tell you how many calories you eliminated by doing whatever activity you did. . . . keep reading
BMI Calculator
This calculator helps you to figure your BMI. BMI is short for Body Mass Index. BMI is used to determine your risk for health and heart disease. BMI is a correlation of your weight to your height. It does not measure your fatness. Understanding your BMI can be deceiving. A person who has more muscles than an average person can be considered obese. This calculator is only for educational purposes. If you have any questions concerning your BMI, please consult your physician. . . . keep reading
Calories Per Day Calculator
This adult daily calories calculator gives an approximation of your basal metabolic rate - the number of calories per day your body burns. If your goal is to eliminate weight by burning off excess body fat, aim to eat 500 fewer calories per day than your daily caloric needs, and maintain or increase your exercise activity. Do not go below 1200 calories per day unless you are on a medically supervised weight elimination program or after consultation with your doctor. . . . keep reading
Convert Kilometers to Miles Calculator
This converter will take the Kilometers you have walked and the time it took you in and convert them to miles and how long it took. . . . keep reading
Convert Miles to Kilometers Calculator
This converter will take the miles you have walked and the time it took you in and convert them to kilometers and how long it took. . . . keep reading
Pedometer Walking Calories and Distance Calculator
Enter how many step on your pedometer it shows, your steps per mile, your weight and the pace you walked a mile. It will calculate how many miles you walked and how many calories you burned. . . . keep reading
Karvonen Heart Rate (HR) Calculator
The Karvonen method of calculating your exercise heart rate is considered the gold standard, benefiting athletes, people who are looking for weight elimination and fitness improvement. It was developed by Martti Karvonen who is a Finnish scientist. . . . keep reading
Pace Calculator
Complete any two lines, such as Time and Distance, Time and Pace, or Distance and Pace. The missing information will be calculated for you. . . . keep reading
Target Heart Rate (HR) Calculator
Use this target heart rate calculator to determine your heart rate in whatever heart rate zone you desire for your workouts. . . . keep reading
Walking Calories and Distance Calculator
Use minutes you walked and your pace to calculate distance and walking calories. . . . keep reading
Walking Distance Calorie Counter
Enter the miles you walked, your weight and your pace for a mile. It will then calculate how many calories you burned. . . . keep reading
Waist - Hip Ratio Calculator
This calculator gives your waist - hip ratio to determine your health risk. . . . keep reading
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