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Membership Has Its Advantages!

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Imagine…Living Your Life To The Fullest, Being An Active Part Of Your Family!

Can you sit in chairs with armrests comfortably?
Do you feel overwhelmed with all the different diets out there?
Are you confused with what exercises you should do?
Is it hard for you to walk from point a to point b?
Do you try diet after diet and not keep with it?
Are you afraid of failing again?

I know what you are going through; I know what you are feeling, what your fears are and the uncertainty you have about your journey.  I have walked in your shoes (well maybe not exactly, I don't know about your feet, but mine were a double wide width.  You know the ones – we all call them Fred Flintstone's feet.)

At my heaviest weight  I weighed 375 pounds; no that is not a typo.  I was technically 2 inches wider around at my butt than I was tall.  Life in general was so hard.  It took every bit of strength I had in me to get out of bed in the morning.  I was so tired and unhappy.  I still got up every morning, got my children ready for school.  It was a chore; everything was a chore.  My body hurt, I was carrying around soo much extra weight.  I wasn't comfortable in my own skin.

My weight had so many consequences that most people don't understand the connection to everything in life. 

People who don't have a weight problem (Normal size people) take for granted the things that fat people dream of doing.  Simple everyday tasks that are soo within your reach of accomplishing; but they seem so impossible to achieve right now, like:

Seeing your feet.
Going on a walk with you family or friends and not feeling like you are dying.
Tying you shoes.
Fitting in chairs with armrests or not worrying about breaking the chair when you sit in it.
Crossing your legs.
Getting on the floor or getting back up.

Do know that famous saying; “I've fallen (fawlin') and I can't get up!”?   It wasn't easy to get down on the floor, let alone getting up from being down there.  Thinking about how I was going to exercise on the ground was so scary and humiliating.  With that in mind, I have designed perfect exercises and workouts for you.

Normal weight people understand that there are health issues from being obese.  What they don't understand is how much it affects something so little as watching football with my family on TV.  I hated when it was football season on TV.  Sunday was our family day and football would interfere with our family time.  My husband loved watching football, especially when his favorite team (Dallas Cowboys) would play.  I really had nothing against the sport.  I had a big problem when the Chicago Bears would play Dallas.  My husband never realized that every time he saw William Perry, aka “The Fridge” play, he would say, “I don't know how he's running, that boy is BIG!”  This hurt me; because he had no idea I weighed what “The Fridge” weighed a whopping 375 pounds.  I was so happy when “The Fridge” wasn't playing football any longer, because I didn't have to be reminded of how big I was.   I have nothing against him, in fact I would love to take a picture with him, because it is one of those memories I have that remind me of how far I have come.

Are you scared you are going to fail again?  I know I was, every time I started a new weight elimination journey.  If I didn't keep trying I would have never come so far in my journey.  You never know what you can accomplish until you try.  I have a lot of sayings I made up for myself.  Two of my favorite ones are “Stop Existing and Start Living”.  When you are so big you aren't surviving, you sure aren't living, you are definitely only existing.  That is no way to live your life.  Trust me I know, been there, done that.  I would always have excuses as to why I couldn't do something.  I always had a headache or didn't feel well or made up an excuse why not to participate.
One occasion that comes to mind, is when our company bought tickets for all the employees to go to a baseball game.  I had shirts made for everyone, well not me.  At the time they didn't have bigger shirts and I couldn't fit it one.  I was so worried about fitting in the chairs with armrest, no matching shirt, and embarrassing myself I didn't go.  I had a headache.  There were so many times I sat on the sideline and didn't participate.

The other saying is “It is so much harder being fat, than working hard at being fit”.  Life is worth living every minute.  Show up and participate, you can't bring back time you have lost; but you can make a difference in the future.

I understand about emotional eating.  You don't get to 375 by eating when you are eating only when you're hungry.  I would pretend that I was ordering for two people; not just for me. 

There are as many ways to distract your mind so you don't eat when you're not hungry; as there are as many reasons why we eat when we are not hungry.  I used food as a coping mechanism.  During your journey, you will discover different ways to cope without using food.

There is not one eating plan out there that fits everyone.  If that was true, there wouldn't be so many new eating plans that come out every year; especially around New Year's Day.  That is why I have the pros and cons on a bunch of different eating plans.  I focused on the healthier ones.  I like to call them eating plans, because I don't believe in the word diet.  A long time ago, someone told me “to take off the t in diet what do you see?”  The answer is “Die” – I thought that was interesting.  I don't believe in crash or fad diets, because they don't work.  You've heard it before, “It is a lifestyle change.”  There has been a lot of different research and books written on this subject.  Research the different eating plans, mix and match the ones that resonate with you the most.  Take some ideas from one and combine them with another.  As long as you are consuming less calories everyday then the calories it takes for your body to survive; you are eliminating weight.

My website contains calculators, charts and stat sheets to help you along your journey.  It takes the guessing out of how many calories your body needs.  Once you have figured that out, you can figure out how many calories you should be eating in a day; in order to eliminate weight.

This is my passion; this is why I lecture at colleges so I can help future doctors, physical therapist, trainers and anyone who is eager to learn from my mistakes.  I even got to lecture in Madrid, Spain.  Most people starting out in their practices have not worked with a person who weighed almost 400 pounds.  I ask all of them to help me to be a pebble.  Picture a beautiful lake or pond; one where the top of the water is glossy, smooth and a beautiful blue color.  Then throw a pebble in the water.  What happens?  Rings form where that pebble landed.  I am that pebble and the rings are the people who I touch in my weight elimination journey.  I can reach and help more people by lecturing future physicians.  When I help them to understand what being obese is like and how it feels they in turn can help more obese people get their lives back and start living what they only have dreamed about.

You receive all of this for only $ 4.99 a month or $ 55.00 a year.  For less than a fast food meal a month; you can receive help, hope and knowledge to change your life and start your journey.  Start living the life you dream of!

I am your catalyst for your weight elimination journey. 

I'll be talking to you soon.

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