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Karen's Blog
Karen's Blog
Wednesday, Jun 15, 2011
Flipping vs Rolling
By Karen
Wednesday, Jun 15, 2011 11:21
Today was a great day. I worked with my tractor tire. I went to the gym and worked out for an hour, and then I can home to flip my tractor tire up my block. Eventually I will get it all the way around my block in my neighborhood.

I counted how many flips it takes to make it past one house. It takes 15 flips from the beginning of each property to the end of each property. I am the third house in from the end of the starting of the block. There are 10 houses from me to the end of the block.

The first time I decided to flip the tire up my street I got to my sister's house. 5 houses. When I got there, I thought I was going to die. It was a lot harder to flip it up the street then just flipping it back and forth in my yard.

Our block is on a little incline. When I got to my sister's house, she and my niece and nephew looked at me as if I was crazy. Then she realized the thumping was me with the tire. She could not figure out what the noise was until she saw the tire. I got some water and lifted the tire to show Max and Maddie how I did it and realized I hardly had enough strength to get it up to show them.

I rolled it back home and decided my goal to add 2 houses each day I flipped my tractor tire.

Today I past my sister's house, I could see up the street, I could even see the stop sign at the end of the block now. My original goal for today was to add 2 houses and make it to 7. I got to my neighbor Maggie's house and she come out to see what the noise was. She is dressed to go to work, but comes over to try to flip my tire. She did it and then tells me that it is a lot harder than it looks.

At this point, I decided to flip the tire up the block to the stop sign. I have neighbors and people who I do not know walking their dogs asking me what I was doing and why. I would tell them and then they would tell me good luck and keep up the good work. It must of have been a strange sight.

I never realized how busy our street was in the morning with people leaving for work and a bunch of people walking around my block.

I got to the end of the block just past the stop sign and sat on the tire to rest. I could see the next stop sign to where I would have to turn to start to go around the block. I do not know what possessed me, but I started to flip the tire to the stop sign. I have already flipped my tire that weighs around 125 -- 150 pounds 150 times. What was I thinking?

Boy, that tire got heavy fast. This street is busier than our street. Our street is not a main road and neither is the street I was flipping it on, but it goes from one main street to another main street. I notice there was a runner a good bit away running to me. I can see every time I flip the tire he is watching me. I finally have one more flip to the stop sign.

I am so excited words cannot even tell you how excited I was. I did the last flip just past the stop sign and sat down on the tire. I rested a minute and got up to roll the tire back home. I am exhausted. The runner -- a male runner looks at me and says -- wait for this.

"It would easier if you would just roll the tire and not flip it." I looked at him in utter amazement. Are you serious? I told him I was rolling it back home because I was done flipping it.

I had to sit on the tire and laugh. I had the best laugh. Then I thought to myself he must have thought I was a dumb blonde. I have never had anyone actually treat me like all the dumb blonde jokes that go around. I have many friends that are blonde and as a group, they are very intelligent.

Maybe this is how blonde jokes get started. People who see something they do not understand assume that the blondes do not know what they are doing. In reality, it is them who do not know what they are seeing.

I still shake my head and laugh. As my daughter Mckenna says. "Good times."

I'll be talking to you soon.

Wednesday, Jun 08, 2011
Does Someone You Know Have Sleep Apnea?
By Karen
Wednesday, Jun 08, 2011 04:50
People who have sleep apnea are not getting enough air through your mouth or nose into their lungs. It also is when you have shallow breathing or when you stop breathing for 10 to 20 seconds at a time.

People who usually have sleep apnea usually snore very loud. There are also people who snore that don't have sleep apnea.

When you are overweight, it affects your body's airways staying open during sleep. Not all sleep apnea is caused by being overweight.

One way to treat sleep apnea is to use a CPAP machine. It forces air through a mask into your nose or nose/mouth. This keeps your airways open.

My husband Paul has sleep apnea. His is not overweight and feels he has had it since he was a teenager. I would hear him in the middle of the night stop breathing. I would have to nudge him for him to take a breath. He finally listened to me and had a sleep study to determine if he did have sleep apnea.

Some of his symptoms were being always tired. Wanting to sleep more and sleep in on the weekends. After getting his CPAP machine, he is much better. He does not stop breathing in the middle of the night. His energy level has increased immensely.

In Stockholm there was a new study conducted on Sleep Apnea and the effects of weight elimination. They had male patients that aged between 30 and 65 who had sleep apnea and were overweight went on a weight elimination plan.

Half of the men who had eliminated weight a year later did not need their CPAP machines. In about 10% of them, the sleep apnea went away.

Dr. Somers of the Mayo Clinic says "There seems to be a connection between weight and sleep apnea."

This is one more reason to eliminate those extra pounds.

I'll be talking to you soon.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
I'm On The Dr. Drew Show!
By Karen
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 12:45
Yesterday I was on the Dr. Drew show with Dr. Drew, Alison Sweeney and Dr. Bruner. The station is HLN. The Dr. Drew show contacted me on Thursday to possibly flying out to LA on late Sunday or early Monday morning for the show. They would have to get back with me with the details.

I spoke with Cristina on Saturday. I would go to a studio here in Phoenix and I would be live by Satellite. I agreed to do the show. The show was about body acceptance.

I know I will never be a skinny person. That is not how my body is. I also realize that even though I am over 200 pounds I am healthier than many people who are within the normal range for their weight.

Alison Sweeney is the host from The Biggest Loser Show. She was a sweetheart. She agreed with what I had to say and really backed me up. I wish I had been in the studio to meet her in person.

Dr. Drew asked me what moment made me change my life. When I said it was not one moment it was a bunch of moments, I'm not sure if he understood or believed me. He then asked if I had a death scare and was that why I changed my life. He sees that to be the case, with many of the people who he has worked with. I explained that everyday living (existing) was very difficult and that I couldn't live (exist) like that anymore.

Dr. Bruner came on the show by satellite. She is an obesity and metabolic specialist. She was explaining all the health problems from being overweight. Then Dr. Drew explained what metabolic syndrome was. It includes high LDL, high cholesterol, and insulin resistance. Dr. Drew and Dr. Bruner admitted they have this syndrome.

Dr. Drew asked Alison if she was and she replied no. I told them I was not either. You can barely hear me saying I'm not.

Here is a doctor warning about being overweight and having this syndrome because you are overweight, she has it, and she was not overweight.

I think we need to know our numbers and our health issues. By being aware, we can help ourselves. I know it is scary. I was afraid to go to the doctor. I would be told I was obese and I was going to have health problems. Getting on that scale was embarrassing.

I was lucky. I started my journey when my numbers were elevated but not where they were considered high and pre-diabetic.

I am very proud of how far I have come even though I have gained some of the weight back. It is a battle I will be fighting the rest of my life. I am wining that battle. Don't ever give up on yourself. You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish.

I'll be talking to you soon.

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